Device controlling by using arduino and android via Bluetooth.

This is my first post on the blog , hope this project  will be  great for beginners with arduino.
This is a simple project for switch ON/OFF devices by using android device (tablet,mobile etc..) via Bluetooth connection.

Things required.

1. Arduino UNO or any other arduino board.
2. Bluetooth module (hc 05).
3. 8 channel relay module.
4. Resistors (10K, 20K) for voltage divider (5v to 3.3v).
5. Android app (download it from here)

Now lets make it!

Wiring Arduino Pin Diagram
Relay Pin 1 to Pin 4 ( Arduino Board )
Relay Pin 2 to Pin 5
Relay Pin 3 to Pin 6
Relay Pin 4 to Pin 7
Relay Pin 5 to Pin 8
Relay Pint 6 to Pin 9
Relay Pin 7 to Pin 10
Relay Pin 8 to Pin 11

Bluetooth Module VCC to 5v.
Bluetooth Module ground to ground.
Bluetooth Module Tx to Arduino Rx (Pin 0)
Bluetooth Module Rx to 3.3v signal out and Arduino Tx to 5v signal in.(Pin 1)
Leave other Bluetooth pins.

Dont forget to connect ground of arduino and relay channel together.

Now lets code

Download the program ino file here

Final step!!!

Burn the program to the Arduino

Search for new Bluetooth devices in your phone you can see HC-05 pair it with your phone, the default pairing key will be probably ''1234" or "0000".

Open the downloaded app and connect it to HC-05 bluetooth.

Thats it , now you can control the devices connected to the relays  from your phone.

Please comment your doubts and questions.


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