YS - M3 Sound Module

ys m3 sound module


YS - M3 is a sound module which helps you to add sound or voice outputs to your electronics or Arduino projects.


  • Size: 40 * 41 mm
  • Working voltage: 3.7 to 5V DC
  • Trigger Pins: 9
  • Trigger Music: 9 songs by Directly
  • Support playback format: MP3, WAV
  • Support Speaker parameter:0-2W 4-8ohm
  • Support TF/SD card parameter: 16G (max)
  • Supported Sample Rate:8,11.025,12,16,22.05,24,32,44.1,48KHz

Things Required For Testing 

  • YS-M3 sound module
  • Push buttons
  • Breadboard
  • Jumper wires
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Pin Out

ys m3 pin out

5v 3.7 to 5v positive input
GND Ground
A1 - A9
Trigger pins
Stop play button
CN1 Playback cannot be interpreted 
High-level output when playing 
T When short - Play background music in the loop until a trigger pin is activated and will start  playing again after the triggered file is over 

Memory Card Preparation 

  • Format SD card to Fat 32
  • Create a folder with the name "01"
  • Rename all your music tracks to be "001"-"009" (these match up with the trigger pins)
  • Copy all the files onto the SD card into the folder "01"

Sample Circuit

ys m3 sound module

In this sample circuit for testing, we have connected four momentary push button to a breadboard and connected one of the terminals of all the push button to the ground and connected other terminals of the push button to trigger pins A1 to A4. Now, whenever I press a push button the corresponding trigger pin will get connected to ground and the sound file associated with it will start playing.
Watch the below video to understand it properly.

How To Play Sounds?

There are a total of 9 trigger pins so if you need to play the audio file "001" then the trigger pin "A1" should be connected to "Ground". Like the same way when "A2" is connected to "Ground" then the file "002" will play and so on with all other seven files.

Watch the Video

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